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15 Nov
My Outfit described in New York New York ūüôāHarbor Cruise Motif

Beaded dress

Beaded dress

Vince camuto


New York New York

15 Nov

Kyle and I headed to the city of lights this past weekend and it¬†was a deja vu¬†experience for me!¬†If I havent told you a billion times yet I met Kyle in NYC and we had a long distance relationship up until this summer. It was surreal¬†for me because it felt like¬†old¬†times¬†but¬†this time we were traveling back together to live our lives together. I can’t¬†describe that feeling other than it feeling GREAT! Our itinerary¬†started with landing late friday night in JFK where we¬†cabbed¬†it to our friends new¬†pad in Long Island City. We were greeted with lots of love from our dear friends and their¬†new addition Harley an adorable¬†Frenchie.¬†We stayed in and enjoyed catching up on times with a bottle of red and a plate of cheese and spreads.¬† We woke in the morning to enjoy their amazing views of¬† Manhattan¬†and were all very excited¬†about the festivities for the night. Kyle and I had been looking forward to this trip because not only were we going to hang with some great friends but Kyle’s¬†other¬†home boy¬†was celebrating his marriage¬†to his lovely girl.¬† We were excited for the harbor boat cruise that awaited us that night.

I had been thinking about what to wear¬†and decided on a glitzy Parker dress that I had eyed on As soon as I¬†received¬†it I fell even more in love and couldn’t¬†wait to wear it. I know purchasing things from the internet can be tricky¬†but I¬†am definitely¬†a big fan because¬†you can always find what you’re looking for in the comfort of your pj’s¬†on the couch. I decided to add more sparkle by wearing sparkly bangles and earrings, which I think made the dress pop. My shoes where by Edelman¬†and were adorned¬†with spikes¬†that gave my sophisticated dress more of an edge which I love.

The wedding party was beautiful and so much fun. We enjoyed¬†views of the city and basking in our newly married friends love.¬† The party was full of great friends and family.¬†¬†We stayed out till early in the morning enjoying everyone’s¬†company¬†and creating lovely memories. I always have such a great time in New York City but I¬†honestly feel like it’s the company we keep that makes it always so special ‚̧


What do YOU want to do when you grow up?!

7 Nov

What do I want to do when I grow up? A question that I think about everyday. My dream job finding my niche. It is a constant battle that I face. I say only if I win the lottery I can do A and B and be happy. Hahahah when I think of the things that make me happy.  Spending time with the people i love, traveling, photography, real estate, designing purses, designing jewelery, wearing chunky gold bracelets, finding 2nd hand Chanel purses, booties, world peace. I want it all. What would be your dream job? I think owning my own boutique that stored everything that ignited inspiration and creativity for me would do the trick. Owning your own small business is tough especially in this economy. How do people start it? I really do feel like there is something more out there for me. This is my journey and this is just the beginning..


To consign or not?

29 Oct

I don’t¬†know about you but I love buying second-hand¬†items. I love going to different consignment stores and hunting for high-end¬†labels that¬†I can purchase for half the price! I’ve purchased a lovely Louis Vuitton¬†bucket bag and tons of¬†high-end¬†designer clothes¬†that I normally could never afford for fraction of the price. So¬†I thought why not consign a few pieces¬†I’ve¬†worn almost never and make a profit from them. I brought in Miu¬†Miu¬†flats, Jimmy Choo flats, and a Rebecca Minkoff¬†bag that still had the tags attached to it. Well when I collected my profit I was pretty disappointed. I almost felt as though I should have donated my stuff then consigned them. Let’s just say I did not even break $100 for all 3 items! Well I guess that’s¬†the nature of the game? I think I’d¬†rather be on the other side¬†of the deal… At least¬†they found a home where¬†they can be better appreciated.¬† SIGH


Polka Dots and Winery’s in the Hudsen Valley Area

17 Oct

This past weekend Kyle and I headed to New York to visit¬†his parents. We¬†spent saturday exploring 2 winery’s¬†in the Hudson valley area. We had such a great time and we¬†enjoyed every sip! It was freezing¬†saturday and I was happy that I wore my¬†warm fur vest and¬†new Free People¬†polka dot¬†pants. These¬†polka dot pants are so amazingly adorable and warm. They really jazzed up my wine tasting outfit. Enjoy the pics ūüôā



11 Oct

I worked all last weekend and unfortunetly as a nurse I don’t get to smell very pleasent things all the time. So it’s kind of easy to get my “good” scent attention at work. My patients wife was wearing a fragrance that was so lovely that I literally followed her and asked what she was wearing. I don’t know about you but I love perfumes! I buy way too many and always need a different fragrence with a change of season. My new obsession thanks to my patients wife; Jo Malone Pomagrante Noir Jo Malone .This spicey fragrance is perfect for the fall or winter. Jo Malone has tons and tons of beautiful fragrances, candles, and lotions. I can’t wait to enjoy this fragrance for the fall!


Image 11 Oct

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